About Us


Sunlight Media Tamil 

Sunlight Media Tamil was born with the radiant purpose of harnessing the dynamic energy of emerging, independent talents, freshly unfurled into a world of possibilities. Diligently, the company has relentlessly strived to encapsulate on celluloid the vibrant tapestry of the nation’s social, political, and cultural, intertwining the threads of imagination and reality. With a resolute aim to nurture a filmmaking culture that cherishes not only the unique visions of individuals but also their profound societal dedication, this haven was meticulously constructed to bestow a stage upon budding performers, where their talents would gracefully dance before the watchful eyes of spectators, while in turn, receiving transformative, constructive, and pivotal counsel from seasoned professionals.

We spark the imagination with our diverse creative offerings

Sunlight Media Production radiates creativity, offering a captivating symphony of services. From the ephemeral magic of short filmmaking to the spellbinding allure of Ott movie-making, the grandeur of feature filmmaking, the artistry of AD filmmaking, and the seamless fusion of entertainment and professionalism in corporate events, we illuminate extraordinary experiences.

Where Curiosity Meets Anticipation, Imagination Takes Flight

Sunlight Media Production orchestrates a symphony of captivating moments, from press meets that ignite curiosity to audio launches that amplify anticipation. We unveil the first look, weaving intrigue, and craft trailers and teasers that tantalize the senses. Celebrating success, we host engaging movie reviews, exclusive celebrity interviews, and exhilarating theatre reviews on FDFS